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Who am I

cybersecurity. photography. cooking.

Hey, I'm Jessica, but most of my friends call me Jess. I am currently a fourth year CIS major at Cal Poly Pomona looking to expand my experience in the field of cybersecurity. When I am not at CCDC practice or leading SWIFT, you can find me on the hunt for new food spots, absorbing Star Wars content, or playing video games with my friends :)

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy learning little more about me!

stuff i've used

from games i like to play in my free time to my internship experience, and everything in between

once in a lifetime

the Galapagos Islands

The time I learned that winning does not equate to success.

ITC 2022

A Comprehensive Guide.

USB Samurai pt. 2

Evaluating life through a game of chess.


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